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Sunday School

Our morning Sunday School is currently studying the

Baptist Faith & Message. Adults and Teens are welcome to join.




2nd Grade


5th Grade

Children's Groups (Sundays)

Children join their families for the musical worship portion of our Sunday service, then will be dismissed to go to classes after the announcements. If your children are more comfortable sitting with you during the service, we welcome whatever works for your family. Our children's leaders serve on a weekly rotation, teaching from the Answers in Genesis curriculum, which walks them through the whole story line of Scripture, leading a prayer time, craft & other activities. Children are split into two different classes, based on age/ grade. If you have children who need to stay together in a new environment, we understand, and will work with you and your family.


Our nursery is currently self-serve due to the smaller nature of our church family. 

Afternoon Series

This class is on break. Stay tuned for more info...

A series led by Pastor Ken investigating the collision of false worldviews with the one view of the world that truly matches reality...


God's worldview!

Join us in the main sanctuary, Sundays at 2:00 p.m.




Topics will include:

  • The Bible (Does God Speak?)

  • The Existence of God

  • The Discoverable Purpose of Life

  • Life After Death

  • Philosophy & Ethics

  • Competing World Religions

  • Is Jesus the Only Way?

  • God & Government

  • Crime & Punishment

  • Societal Issues: Racism, Feminism, etc.

  • Education

  • Much, Much More!

Watch previous sessions:

Small Groups

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